"Suspend" is a mono-tube bent chair utilizing different materials wrapped around the tube creating a relaxing hammock effect. This first version is composed of an aluminum tube powder coated satin black. It is combined with a black suede seat with the reverse side interior color treated orange for a more edgy look.

The angled legs were designed to emphasize stability.

One consistent tube is bent and joined under the material to reduce the use of unnecessary parts.

The second versions produces a slightly more classic look utilizing black dyed leather and a light gold anodized aluminum tube to subtly pull out the natural brown undertones of the leather.

The same chair is coupled with a black anodized aluminum tubing to emphasize the theme of using one tube and one piece of leather with two slits to create the arm supports.

This similarly themed chair artistically illustrates fossilized ground cracks in translucent resin. The visibility of the cracks are most prominent in the seat area and fades darker toward the edges of the chair.