The "TimeImage" is the first modular digital recorder of its kind, recording high-resolution time footage and still images. It detaches into four individual components and powers on with "fingerprint recognition." An optional one fingerprint unlock can be turned on for privacy by the primary owner. The touch screen interface also integrates into the B&O product line with a spiral display.

Simplicity is achieved by using a "halo"-shaped flash around the lens. In order to reduce visual distractions, only essential logos and symbols appear on the camera’s exterior. All other technical information is placed on the inner door panel of the battery component.

The lens shows optimal use when placed on a flat surface, mounted on a car dashboard, secured to a sports helmet or positioned on a tripod to capture an active lifestyle. This 14.0 megapixel camera rivals the Cannon Rebel with 7X optical zoom for the highest quality images and footage without the bulkiness.

Once the display is separated, it servers as the preview screen to position perfect shots and video while the lens is in place away from the user and is a remote to capture pictures. No analog buttons exist on the unit. A 3D screen wraps over the top and side, allowing ergonomic access to the most vital touch screen buttons. These buttons include a side flash button and menu navigation buttons.

The memory component features a pop-out USB plug for quick video and picture uploads. The storage device holds up to a 100GB of information. The B&O logo is backlit blue when the device is connected to a computer.

The B&O "TimeImage" recorder also features a flexible metal wallet capable of holding a credit card and I.D. that can easily slide in and out. The unit is thinner than an iphone and just as slim even when serving as a protective wallet.